Miramonti, hotel per bambiniIn Mimì's (the MiraMarmot) reign, children can play, read, act and paint, of course with capable animators. There is a room full of books, coloured pencils, albums and boards to draw.

Besides, a lot of didactic laboratories brighten up the rainy afternoons or the moments before bed time. During Summer, Mimì prefers green spaces and open air, so she has thought to move to an outdoor playground, within the wide 10,000 sq.mts park all around the hotel, equipped with crash barriers, little houses, slides.

Mimì, the MiraMarmot, is the hotel mascot.

During Summer, when she does not lay up roots and buds for her winter hibernation, Mimì waits for children's return at afternoon break time, when she lays little tables and chairs with healthy, delicious homemade cakes, organic fruit juices and Lindt hot chocolate. In Winter she takes children to ski slopes and entertains them at dinner time.


At the nearby Frabolandia Park the little ones can vent their inexhaustible energy in the well equipped playground that is furnished with inflatable games and roundabouts, while for the more adventurous ones there is a synthetic snow tube to take their breath away.

At Pratolandia you will find a magic carpet that slither across the snow through a fantasy tunnel; in Artesina you can experience the thrill of summer bob sleigh; in Frabosa Sottana there is an adventure playground to test your balancing skills, whereas in Roccaforte you can board the Bumper Boats for a battle on water.

Besides, you can visit the celebrated Grotte di Bossea with their natural wonders, such as the domed ceiling, stalactites, stalagmites, spring fountains and thunderous waterfalls.

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